Software Engineering, Web Development and 3D Design


RentPath | April 2018 - Present

Voalte | October 2013 - April 2018

For the first two years I worked in a newly formed research and development department under Don Fletcher. I was able to use my existing experience with Ruby and JavaScript to quickly design and build prototypes while gaining experience with functional programming. I learned Erlang and Elixir while working and used them to architect and build prototypes of several hospital EHR middleware components. I also used Lua to build a proof of concept of a mobile application and used Ruby to build prototypes of some web based applications. I worked with the product department to determine the areas which were most benefitial to the company for us to explore and I worked with others in the research and development department prioritize projects and figure out how to best utilize my skills with the projects we had.

After the first two years I was moved to the engineering team. For several months I worked with the web team and worked primarily in JavaScript. I helped deliver new features and bugfixes on the company’s two large Angular.JS applications. I was eventually moved to the server team and began to work primarily in Erlang again. With my experience with the web applications I was able to work on both the server and client to debug hard to solve problems and quickly deduce the root cause of issues reported to the server team. I worked with the Erlang developers and web developers to develop both the server side and client side of various administrative features in the company’s main product. With two other Erlang developers I designed and built an auditing system for the company’s main product in Erlang. I mentored two interns during their time at the company. My work with them included code and design reviews, helping them get familiar with company engineering processes, and introducing them to new languages and tools.

Glide Interactive | August 2012 - October 2013

Developed and deployed a variety of web applications for a variety of clients. I started developing simple PHP sites for small to medium sized businesses but quickly became skilled in Ruby and began helping with the development of several Rails applications. After 4 months I was assigned to an existing Rails application for the company’s biggest client. After successfully completing the project, I was assigned to numerous other new projects that utilized Rails. I was able to apply my knowledge of object oriented design principles to the Ruby code that I was writing. As a result, my applications were very flexible and easily extended later on. I often used TDD when appropriate and wrote tests for every application I built. I became very familiar with many Gems, including Devise, CanCan, CarrierWave, Paperclip, Kaminari, Nokogiri, Capybara, Rspec and Capistrano. I also utilized SASS, Less and HAML for faster development of views. I also was responsible for the deployment applications and provisioning of servers.

I also took initiative and started helping the newer developers learn the technologies that Glide was using. I was able to teach some of things that I had learned about CSS and Javascript to the designers. I was also able to share my passion of writing great code with the Rails developers. I mentored them in the OO design principles and helped them write flexible and reusable Ruby code. When a developer asked for advice on a particular task they were doing, I would often have a short pair programming session with them, we would work through the problem and I would teach them how to think about the task at hand in an OO way.

CityMind | September 2010 - August 2012

Designed, built and deployed dozens of custom websites for a variety of clients in Sarasota area. Sites ranged from single page static sites to large ecommerce sites. I was responsible for planning, design and deployment of the majority of projects taken on by CityMind. I would determine the client’s needs and then chose the appropriate technology for their site. I used a variety of PHP frameworks including Concrete5, Magento and WordPress. Some were also built using CityMind’s proprietary ColdFusion CMS. I was also responsible for development of custom PHP and Javascript plugins for the Concrete5 CMS.

I also created custom web site designs in Photoshop and Illustrator. Designs would be submitted to the client and based on the feedback from the client I would iterate until the client was satisfied.

I became responsible for handling the majority of communications with the clients in addition to being responsible for development of the websites. I was responsible for everything from the initial meeting where project requirements were collected, to the time the site went live. I worked with the client to understand what their real needs were and familiarized them with CityMind’s development process. Using my experience of the technology being used and the needs of the client, I assisted in the creation of proposals and estimates for the clients. I maintained contact with clients over the course of the project, getting their feedback on the designs and updating them on progress. I also gave live demos of the staging sites. Once a client was satisfied I would deploy their site. After launch, I trained the client on how to use their website’s CMS to create and update content. I also provided phone support and in-office training for existing clients.

CityMind also provided their web development services to other web companies. I was assigned to work on a project for Flexscape,a company that provided proprietary .NET CMS to golf and country clubs. I coded nearly a dozen sites for Flexscape and eventually became responsible for coding the majority of the web projects Flexscape received. Flexscape also began utilizing my design skills. I created custom site designs for several of their clients.