Software Engineering, Web Development and 3D Design

How I Got Started

In 2004 I downloaded my first open-source application. Ever since then I have been using open-source software. The first open-source program I used was Paint.NET. I used Paint.NET until 4 four months later when I discovered GIMP, a photo editing program similar to Photoshop. Shortly after a discovered GIMP I found Blender, a weird 3D graphics program that was impossible to use and had a terrible interface. I kept seeing stuff online that was made with blender and looked amazing. So I tried learning Blender. I realized that it was easy to use once you got to know the shortcut keys. The interface turned out to allow for greater productivity than any other 3D program I had used. I learned as much I could from the few online tutorials there were back then and I eventually bought the book “Introducing Character Animation with Blender” and began mastering the basics. When I read the book “Introducing Character Animation with Blender” it came with a unique program called Inkscape which was a open-source application similar to Illustrator.

After I read “Introducing Character Animation with Blender” I started a making a 4 minute short film called “The Temple Tax”. The film took nine months to complete and three weeks to render on my Intel Centrino Duo 1.6GHz processor. After I made the film I began to do small freelance projects like selling CG stock photography and 3D models.

I then heard of a program named Joomla! that made the process of creating a website fairly easy. I started learning Joomla! and then started this website. Since then have done web development work in PHP, Ruby/Rails, JavaScript and Coldfusion. In 2013 I was able to work on an Erlang project. Since then I have been able to work primarily on Erlang and Elixir projects. This site is currently a work in progress and I continue to learn all I can about software development and design.