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Review of the Alcatel GO Flip 2 and KaiOS

I’ve posted several off-topic blog posts this year and this is another one. Perhaps it is more relevant than the others as I list the issues with KaiOS software and the software limitations of my feature phone.

I’ve been using an Alcatel Go Flip 2 as my only phone for about a year and a half now. I feel like leaving my smartphone behind was the right choice and feel like my life is better as a result. I’ve published two previous articles on my move from a high end smartphone to a cheap feature phone. In this blog post I review the hardware and software I now use on my feature phone.

Erlang Records vs. Elixir Structs

I use Erlang and Elixir regularly, and I often get hung up on the differences between Erlang records and Elixir structs. Both serve the same purpose most of the time but are implemented differently.

In this blog post I will document the differences between these two constructs.

Benefits of Living Without a Smartphone

It’s immediately obvious what the disadvantages are of living without a smartphone. Lots of things in modern life are more difficult without without the help of a smartphone. Smartphones augment our own knowledge and keep us connected to people, systems, and services we rely on. In my previous blog post I wrote about my experience living with only a dumb phone.

In this blog post I list the benefits of living without a smartphone that I have noted over the last 15 months. Some of these things I experienced myself and others are things I have read about.