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Why Erlang?


With web applications today there is an increasing need for systems that can scale up easily and tolerate the network, hardware, and software errors that occur at scale. Building such systems is challenging, if not impossible, to do in many popular programming languages today. Erlang was designed for telephone systems where uptime requirements were law, and as such was designed to solve these challenges. In this talk Trevor will show how Erlang can be used to solve some of the most challenging problems software developers face today. He will introduce concurrency constructs that Erlang provides and show how they can be used to build reliable and scalable applications. This talk will focus mostly on the new concepts introduced by Erlang, but Trevor will also do a few demos and show code samples to illustrate some of the concepts.


Let's Encrypt on WebFaction

I have finally gotten around to installing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on all the websites I run. I use WebFaction (affiliate link) for my web hosting and that meant I had use their API for installing certificates. Rather than just placing the certificate files directly on the server I had to use their XML-RPC API to install the certificate. I quickly discovered the letsencrypt-webfaction gem which makes the process of obtaining and installing certificates on WebFaction easy. In this blog post I’ll explain what I did to get everything installed and configured.

Vagrant for Erlang Development

I typically like to do development work on my local machine. Locally I’ve got all my favorite tools, scripts, and aliases along with custom mappings for my editor. Local development is much more pleasant than SSH’ing into a server and running commands. Without all my custom tools and configurations the environment feels foreign to me. Because of this I generally try to avoid solutions to development problems that involve a virtual machine. Even though the VM is running on my laptop it’s really not that much easier to develop on than a regular server.