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OTP Cheatsheet

OTP cheatsheet webpage screenshot

A last year I created an Erlang cheatsheet. I goal was to keep it fairly simple and only include the things that I often forgot. I decided to limit it to a single page so I could print it out and pin it on the wall for reference. I’ve been doing a lot of Elixir recently, but the cheatsheet has still be useful to me and my coworkers. There are a lot of things I often have to lookup with working with supervisors and other OTP behaviors so this month I decided it would be nice to have a seperate cheatsheet for OTP. This new cheatsheet follows in the same vein as my Erlang cheatsheet. It is intended for those experienced with OTP and not beginners.

The cheatsheet is available for you to freely print or download at The source code has been released under the MIT license and is available in the same repository as the Erlang cheatsheet on GitHub at Stratus3D/erlang-cheatsheet.

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this new OTP cheatsheet. Is there something it is missing? Is there something that can be simplified or removed?

Let me know via email or twitter. If you want to contribute directly feel free to create an issue or pull request on the GitHub repository.