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Elixir Language

I have been doing Erlang and Elixir programming for the last ten months and I would love to share what I have been learning. It has been quite a change moving from Ruby to a functional language like Erlang. Most of the projects I am working on at work are written Erlang, but I have also been studying Elixir, which is a new language that is built on top the Erlang VM. Since it uses the Erlang VM, it inherits all the strengths of Erlang - concurrency, scalability, and fault tolerance. Elixir is a new language (first major release expected sometime in the next month) with a Ruby-like syntax. It focuses on providing better tooling and allows for much greater productivity than Erlang. If you are interested in building concurrent applications or want to learn functional programming I highly recommend you check it out -

I will also be giving a talk on Elixir at the Tampa Ruby Brigade on Oct. 16. It will be an introduction to Elixir followed by some demos. If you interested in learning more Elixir RSVP on -

I am very excited about Elixir. I think it has very bright future. I believe it very elegantly solves some scalability issues while also providing tooling (and ease of use) that is comparable to Ruby.

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you.